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Selling your car for cash in Santa Monica can be a convenient and easy process. There are many companies and businesses that specialize in buying used cars for cash in Santa Monica. These companies offer a hassle-free way to sell your car without the need for advertising or negotiating with potential buyers. To sell your car for cash in Santa Monica, you typically need to provide the car's title and registration, proof of insurance, and a valid ID. Most cash for cars companies in Santa Monica will inspect your car and give you an offer on the spot. If you accept the offer, they will provide you with cash , and take the car off your hands.

What do i need to sell my car in Santa Monica?

You need the certificate of title to sell your car, it is important to validate proof of ownership and make transfer of ownership, without certificate of title, a valid California registration with no liens can sometimes replace the pink slip.

Where are Cash for Cars Locations?

Located near downtown Long Beach, We come to you at your own convenient time and location, We offer free towing for vehicles purchased less than 50 Miles away from the city of Long Beach california.

What do i need to do after i sell my car?

We handle all the paperworks needed for the transaction, Our professional appraisers will show you where to sign, bring other documents needed for the sale and give you a receipt for your release of liability.

sell my car in Santa Monica

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Our trained vehicle appraisers has been working in this same cash for car industry for over 15 years, our offers are unbeatable. based on wholesale and auction price. We'll beat any written offers you get within 10 days.

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We Pay Cash For Cars, Trucks, Vans and SUV's in Santa Monica CA. Sell your car Running or Not, We come to you in 20 min or less pay you cash of the spot. Our goal is to make it easy for you to sell your car, truck or van the same day

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Our goal is to make the process to sell your car as easy and convenient as possible, we pay Cash for all Cars, Trucks or Vans. No matter what condition they are in, Running in perfect condition or crashed in need of repairs, We buy cars from years 2006 to 2017. Call us today or fill out our free online appraisal form.

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