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Sell Your Car In Twentynine Palms

Ever drive down the road and notice multiple unused vehicles on someone’s property? I know I do. Could have been a gift from an old family member. Could have been a purchase someone made years ago when they had certain hobbies or fascinations. We never truly know why someone keeps around old vehicles, but you know what they say – all good things come to an end.


At Cash for Cars, we’re here to help sell that old car for cash!

Do you have an unused vehicle sitting in your driveway taking up space? Maybe an old junk car that you haven’t gotten rid of because you’re not even sure if it can get a tow? Thinking about going outside to take pictures of your hunk-of-junk to post on the Internet and hope for a buyer giving you a headache? Look no further! Here at Cash for Cars we are a car buyer and give Cash for Cars in Twentynine Palms.


It’s never been easier to sell your old or unwanted vehicle in twentynine palms.


I know – you’re probably thinking, what would they want with that raggedy thing that’s been sitting in my driveway for a few decades? We want to give you cash to get rid of your old vehicle that is no longer of use to you. But don’t worry – we don’t just buy old vehicles. Get Cash for Cars in Twentynine Palms despite the condition or appearance of your new or old vehicle.


If any of these apply to you and you live in the Twentynine Palms area, we would love to hear from you:


  • Cars in as-in condition
  • Nice cars
  • We'll help you sell a damaged car.
  • Non-running cars
  • Junk cars


Who wants the hassle of trading in a car? Maybe trading in a car in doesn’t apply to you because you already have an alternative. Don’t want to end up with a car payment to pay the difference for the new loan a car dealership is trying to sell you? Of course, no one wants that extra bill a month. No clue on how to somehow get your vehicle to the junk yard in Twentynine Palms? We don’t blame you!

Why Should I Sell My Car To Cash for Cars In Twentynine Palms?

Most people in Twentynine Palms just let old vehicles sit there because it doesn’t make sense to go through the process of junk car removal. We are making it extremely convenient to part ways with your no-longer-wanted vehicle. At Cash for Cars, getting you cash for junk cars in Twentynine Palms can get rid of your damaged car or salvaged car with no cost to you.

We've been around for over a decade and our reach is nationwide. Our company started out paying cash for cars in Los Angeles and quickly grew to paying cash for junk cars in Houston. We now service the entire nation.

Perks of selling your car for cash to Cash for Cars in the Twentynine Palms area:

  • Not having to go through the process of selling it on your own
  • No having to worry about trading it in and dealing with dealerships
  • No worries about getting stiffed selling to a private party
  • No unwanted calls and emails at all hours of the night from perspective buyers
  • No changing plans only to have the potential buyer ditch your scheduled appointment


Cash for Cars in Twentynine Palms is a no brainer.


Who doesn’t love making extra cash without having to lift a finger? Take your extra cash and try and double your luck at the Tortoise Rock Casino in Twentynine Palms. You can splurge on dinner at The Rib Co. on Twentynine Palms Highway. Maybe visit the Sky’s the Limit Observatory and Nature Center. The possibilities in your town alone are endless!


Getting ahead on bills and expenses are extremely hard these days, especially after our recent COVID-19 pandemic. Take the leap in selling your car for cash and your pockets will be a little heavier. It’s worth it!


Still have unanswered questions about selling your car in Twentynine Palms?


Give us a call see how easy the process is. Often times, we will come out to the area you request in Twentynine Palms the day you call. Your home, workplace, a busy parking lot. You name it – we’re there. We will make you a cash offer for your used vehicle and you determine whether or not you want to accept our offer.


You could take the time calling all competitors to receive a quote. In fact, we encourage you to do it. It’ll make your decision that much easier in deciding to exchange your car for cash with us at Cash for Cars!


Reach out to us today! We are happy to answer any questions you may have and looking forward to doing business with you.


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1997 Mercury Villager 92277 02-02-2023 $650
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1961 Mercedes-benz 190 92278 02-02-2023 $914
1985 Cadillac Brougham 92277 01-31-2023 $692
2003 Lincoln LS 92277 01-30-2023 $789
1976 Bmw 630 92278 01-29-2023 $502
2016 Kia K900 92277 01-29-2023 $554
2014 Toyota Camry 92277 01-28-2023 $626
1996 Mercury Grand Marquis 92277 01-27-2023 $721
1975 Nissan Silvia 92277 01-27-2023 $968
1972 Mazda 1000 92278 01-26-2023 $782
1979 Dodge Aspen 92277 01-25-2023 $628
1990 Jaguar XJR-11 92278 01-24-2023 $883
2016 Nissan GT-R 92278 01-22-2023 $433

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