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If you have been trying to get the most cash for cars in Santa Rosa, now is the time to pay attention. You have likely been hard-pressed to find anyone to purchase your vehicle from you and now you will be presented with a team of experts who want to pay you cash on the spot for your vehicle. Cash for Cars is here to buy your car from you and we want you to know that we WILL purchase your vehicle and at a fair price.

When it comes to selling your vehicle, you may find that you are running out of options, especially if you have tried to sell it locally in Santa Rosa or if you have taken it to a dealership. If you have been let down when it comes to selling your car, we are here to help you. Cash for Cars will never make you wait around to sell your vehicle either! We come to you the SAME day in most cases and we hand you cash on the spot.

If you are concerned about the condition of your vehicle, don’t be. We accept and buy ALL vehicles, no matter than condition. If your vehicle has been to hell and back, we want it. Yes, we are serious! We are so serious that we want you to call us right now! We have cash in hand to pay you.

Cash for Cars strives to offer the highest cash paid for vehicles in all of Santa Rosa and we promise to be fair about the price we offer you for your vehicle. If you are ready to cash in your car and you want to receive cold, hard cash in hand, contact Cash for Cars now to start the process.

Many individuals choose to work with our company after they're unable to retire their car to the state of California. As we buy cars in Santa Rosa, that are in any condition.

Why You Need to Work with Cash for Cars To Sell Your Car

Cash for cars in Santa Rosa is not hard to get, but a fair amount of cash for your vehicle IS hard to get. Cash for Cars is ready to work with you, but you may be unsure of who to work with then you sell your vehicle. Well, we can give you so reasons to work with our team.

1. We offer the FASTEST services throughout all of Santa Rosa. In fact, you will never hear us say that we need to take days or weeks to get back to you. We provide you with a quote instantly and in most cases, we can come out to your location the SAME day.

2. We will ALWAYS come to you. You never have to bring your vehicle to us, so do not fear if your vehicle does not work properly. Cash for Cars will come out to your home or any location of your choice to pick up your vehicle. And the best part? It is FREE. You will never incur a charge for us to head out to your location.

3. We take ALL vehicles no matter the condition. Yes, that is right and spot on. If your vehicle is damaged or has waded in some water, we do not care. We will offer you a fair price based on your vehicle and we do not care whether it runs or just sits.

4. Our team is LICENSED. This is important because this means that we are ready to do business with you and we MEAN business. You will find that you are protected under our guarantee and promise, so you have nothing to lose when working with our team.

5. We will PAY OFF your vehicle for you. If you still owe money on your vehicle, we will buy it. The money we quote you will be applied directly to the loan and if any is left over, you will receive it in hand.

The Skinny on How getting Cash For your Car Works

We have told you why you should work with us and why we are great, but what about the process and how it works. Well, here goes. If you are ready to sell your vehicle in Santa Rosa, call Cash for Cars to receive an instant offer. OR! You could head online and complete the process in four steps from the comfort of your living room.

First, head to our website and provide us with some details about your vehicle such as the location, make and model, year, and of course the condition of the vehicle.

Once you have given us that information, we will provide you with a quote on screen and you will be able to select the best option that meets your needs. If you are unhappy with the quote for some reason, it is a no obligation quote, so no problem.

If you do accept the quote, then you can move on to schedule a time and location for one of our car experts to meet you. We can come to your house or any location that you want us to. Once our team member arrives, he or she will perform a quick inspection and then hand you some paperwork to sign.

Once you sign and accept, we will hand over the money to you and then leave with your vehicle in tow.

When you work with the team at Cash for Cars, you never have to worry about any hidden or surprise fees. We do not believe in charging you undisclosed fees and we work hard to always be transparent about our pricing. The quote we give you is the amount that you receive, in hand, no questions, and no games played.

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Tom and Tony, our founders, knew that there had to be a better way to sell your vehicle and they created Cash for Cars to solve that problem. Cash for Cars operates throughout all of the USA and in Santa Rosa.

If you are ready to receive cash for your vehicle, contact Cash for Cars now. We look forward to purchasing your vehicle from you and providing you with the cash that you deserve for your car.




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