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Have you attempted to sell your car in the past without any luck? If so, Cash for Cars in Santa Clarita is here to help you. We often run into customers who are frustrated with the entire car selling process and they simply give up on it. This is not okay and at Cash for Cars, we believe you should get the most money for your vehicle.

We are here to give you the most cash for cars in Santa Clarita and we know you will be happy with the price that we offer you. We do not play any games at Cash for Cars and we focus on getting you the most money for your vehicle.

We want to buy your vehicle from you and hand over a fair stack of cash the SAME day. We often hear that our customers have had difficulty selling their vehicles, especially the damaged or broken down ones because no one wants them. Well, let me tell you – Cash for Cars wants them!

Luckily for you, Cash for Cars does not focus on just making a profit from your vehicle, which means you get top dollar. We know you may be thinking that is sounds too good to be true at this very moment, but it is not. In fact, we welcome you to call us to get a FREE instant cash offer over the phone.

We are prepared to pay you today for your Santa Clarita vehicle. We will even come out to your location and pick up your vehicle FREE of charge. You never have to pay us a dime to come get your vehicle. The only person paying anything will be our team member to you.

When it comes down to it, we offer the fairest prices, SAME day pickups, and provide quality customer service. If you are ready to sell your Santa Clarita vehicle, contact Cash for Cars now to schedule an appointment with one of our team members.

We Started in 1990

Cash for Cars was first founded in 1990 by owners Tom and Tony. Our team is currently made up of friendly car experts who want to educate you about your vehicle and purchase it from you.

Sometimes, your vehicle may not work, but we can harvest some of the parts to use on other vehicles and recycle the remainder. Not only is this helpful to others, it helps the environment too.

Our car selling process has been streamlined to ensure that you enjoy every second of it and it does not become a hassle at any point in time.

Previous to Cash for Cars, when you would try to sell your vehicle, you had two main ways to do it. First, you could sell it online. Secondly, you could sell it to your local dealership in Santa Clarita, but this was problematic only because if your vehicle did not run, you would have to find a way to get it to the dealership in the first place.

Tom and Tony knew this needed to change, so they came up with the cash for cars model, which says that Cash for Cars will pay you cash for your vehicle. In addition to this model, they developed a buy all vehicle policy, which states that Cash for Cars will purchase ANY vehicle in ANY condition.

So yes, we take damaged cars, junk vehicles, and any other vehicle you have. This policy and model has worked so well that Cash for Cars is successful in Santa Clarita and throughout the US.

Our Process: Step by Step

We mentioned above that our process was easy, streamlined, and hassle free. It is and we can promise you that. Selling us your vehicle is NEVER a hassle.

Step 1: Give us some details about your vehicle.

The first step in the process is to head over to our website and fill out our quote form. This form will ask you to enter in the mileage of your vehicle, location, condition, make and model, and year of the vehicle.

Step 2: Receive an instant cash offer for your vehicle.

Once you have entered in that information, you will receive an instant cash offer for your vehicle. We also provide you with some other selling options too, so take some time to decide which works best for you.

Step 3: Meet with one of our team members.

Once you accept the offer, you will be able to schedule a day, time, and location for us to come pick up your vehicle. Our team member will provide a quick inspection on the vehicle and then have you sign some paperwork to make the sale official.

Step 4: Receive your cash for your vehicle.

We will hand you cash and then haul your vehicle from your location.

One of the reasons people love to work with Cash for Cars in Santa Clarita is because we do not charge you any hidden fees and we have a policy to prevent this from happening. In addition, when we pick up your vehicle, it costs you NOTHING. We will meet you at any location of your choosing without charging you a dime for it.

Selling your vehicle has never been any easier and we are committed to making sure the process is as simple and hassle free as ever. You can complete the quote form and schedule your appointment online from the comfort of your home.

Lastly, you will find that in most cases, we can come out to your home the SAME day. This means you can have cash in your hands within just a couple of hours.

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If you are ready to sell your vehicle and get the most cash for cars in Santa Clarita, call Cash for Cars today. We are ready to work with you and turn your vehicle into cash right before your eyes.

Don’t waste any more time and get in touch with us now. Remember, we pay the highest prices for ALL vehicles in ANY condition in Santa Clarita. 

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