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Have you found yourself kicking the bucket around thinking about whether or not your car just may not be worth more than the $25 offered to you? You have thought wrong! The team at Cash for Cars wants to let you in on two different secrets. The first secret is that other companies and dealers that offer cash for cars in Long Beach, CA are simply lying to you and offering you a ridiculously low price, so that they can make a profit off of you! The second secret is that Cash for Cars will pay you a FAIR price for that vehicle you no longer want and we can promise you that you will receive more than just $50 bucks for it.

We know, you are probably thinking “yeah right” to yourself, but it is true and all of our customers were once in your shoes too. We know that you probably doubt what we say simply because of the experiences you have had with others like us. But, guess what? We are not like the others.

In fact, Cash for Cars is committed to providing you with a FAIR and DECENT price for your vehicle. We pay the HIGHEST amounts throughout all of Long Beach and we take ALL vehicles. That is right. If your vehicle is damaged, junked, or in fair condition, we never turn you away. We WANT to buy your car from you and we will even come out to your location FREE of charge to pick up your car.

If you want cash in your hand without the gimmicks and the hassles, contact Cash for Cars now. We buy cars all the time and will never turn you away. We have cash in hand, but it could soon be you with the cash in your hand.

Want to learn more about why you should work with Cash for Cars and the car selling process? We thought so. Let’s go ahead and take a look now.

Cash for Cars Saw a Problem and Need in the Community

When you think of cash for cars in Long Beach, what comes to mind? You probably have the right idea, but previous to Cash for Cars in 1990, other people had the unpleasant time of trying to sell their vehicle. In fact, there were only two main ways to sell your vehicle and they were to either take the vehicle to the local car dealership and roll the dice to see how much you get or to place an ad in the local newspaper and just hope that someone sees it and wants to purchase your car.

These two options seem pretty bad, huh? They were and they often frustrated many of the people who did try to sell their cars. Because of this, Tom and Tony, the founders of Cash for Cars, decided that they needed to take action to make sure EVERYONE could sell their cars AND receive a fair price for them.

Tom and Tony created what is known as the “Cash for Cars” model and it is still in use today. What this model says is basically that Cash for Cars has a buy all policy. This means that Cash for Cars will purchase your vehicle no matter its condition from clunker to damaged and more AND we will pay you the HIGHEST price for the vehicle.

Thanks to Tom and Tony, you can now get the cash that you deserve for your vehicle and you never have to worry about being ripped off again.

Why Work with the Team at Cash for Cars?

We know you may be a bit hesitant to work with Cash for Cars, heck, we would be hesitant too, especially if we tried to sell our cars for cash in Long Beach before and failed. Fortunately, Cash for Cars gives you MANY reasons why you should work with them and here are several:

  • Pay FAIR prices
  • Passionate about vehicles
  • FREE pick up of your car
  • Streamlined, simple process
  • Take all vehicles including damaged, junk, and well-worn cars
  • Staff is friendly and helpful
  • Cash on the spot for your car
  • Meet you anywhere that is convenient for you
  • Process can be completed online and from your home

The Streamlined Car Selling Process

Cash for Cars makes it easy for you to sell your vehicle, which means you no longer get frustrated by the process and you are able to relax and enjoy how quick and convenient it is. In fact, you can complete the entire process online and it is all over in just four steps.

Let’s take a look at how it all works from quote to cash in hand.

1. The first step includes you providing us with some information about your vehicle on our website. The information is basic from the location of your vehicle to its condition, make, model, and year.

2. We will provide you with an instant quote based on the information that you have provided us with about your vehicle. You may even be surprised by the huge amount of cash you see on the screen. Trust us – it’s a real quote.

3. If you are happy with the quote, then you can schedule a time and place for one of our car wizards to come out to your location. We will come to your home or to any other location that you prefer. From there, the car guru will take a quick look at your vehicle and then hand you paperwork to review and sign.

4. Once signed, we will hand you cash and then take your vehicle with us for FREE.

One of the best things about working with Cash for Cars is that you never have to pay any hidden or surprise fees. We are transparent about everything and the quote you receive is the exact amount of cash that you will be handed when you meet with our car experts.

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If you would like to know how much you can get for your vehicle, contact Cash for Cars today. We offer the highest prices and accept vehicles of ANY condition. 

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1995 Subaru Justy 90845 02-05-2023 $526
2018 Ford Mustang 90822 02-03-2023 $857
2003 Pontiac Vibe 90809 02-03-2023 $519
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