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Selling a used car can be a far more daunting task than many people realize. It often entails dozens of hours of work and up to thousands of dollars in costs, many of which are unexpected by first-time car sellers.

The truth is that, unless you have all the skills that a used car dealership can muster to sell vehicles, the chances that you are getting more by selling your car yourself than the costs in dollars and time is unlikely. For starters, listing your own car can be expensive. Listing on major websites and regional print publications can cost up to hundreds of dollars each week. Since national studies have shown that the average car takes 60 days from the listing date to finally sell, this can mean that you'll be shelling out more cash each week, until your car sells.

Potential used car sellers are also frequently not aware of the sheer time involved. If you choose to sell your own car, you can expect to spend up to 40 hours or more of your own time taking phone calls, meeting with buyers and arranging test drives. Unless you really price your car to sell, you can expect to meet with dozens of potential buyers before your vehicle is finally sold. If you are listing on a free service like Craigslist, you should also be aware of the possible risks, including the passage of counterfeit bills and even the possibility of falling victim to armed robbery.

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Still, even if you are someone who makes $30 an hour and ends up spending 60 hours selling your used car, the $1,800 you could have had in lost wages may turn out to be nothing compared to the losses you experience by trading your car in at a dealership.

Used cars with private-party market values less than $5,000 will often end up being close to or exactly worthless when traded in. This is because the dealer will almost always offer a price on the extreme low end of what your car is really worth. But the knockout punch is the fact that you will be required to spend that money in lot credit. The prices that dealerships charge for cars are often severely inflated, meaning you may be paying $3,500 too much for a trade in you nominally got $3,000 for.

Cash for Cars Pays Cash For Cars

If you truly have the skill set to profitably sell used cars, then that may be your best option. But for the 90 percent of do-it-yourself car sellers that don't, there is Cash for Cars.

Cash for Cars is a service that gives you a fair market price for your vehicle, without the risks, costs and time needed to sell your car yourself. The Cash for Cars process is simple. Just give us a call at (866) 349-3009, and one of our friendly agents will be happy to give you a quote. After a few short questions, we'll give you a price. If you take it, our buyer will come out to wherever you're located and pay you the agreed price, in cash. It's that simple.

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