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Tooling around Burbank in your old rattletrap , wondering if you should update your car status to keep up with Conan? The answer is Yes! You can’t roll into a taping of late night television to see that famous hairdo in a hunk of junk, so why not get rid of it and live up the night life with a pocket full of bankroll?

Cash for Cars in Burbank buys cars for cash! Reclaim your street cred and sell your car to one of our junk car buyers working for you in Burbank. We’ll make you an offer the same day, no hidden fees or last-minute charges. Just cold, hard cash delivered straight to you!

We Buy Cars In Burbank, California

Cash for Cars in Burbank buys, quite literally, any car in as-is condition. You’ve got a new car, but you’ve always hated the paint color? We’ll make you an amazing offer. You’ve got a not-so-new, not-so-nice car proudly sporting some war wounds?

We’ll still send you an amazing offer, right now, right this minute. Oh, you’ve got a car that hasn’t moved out of your driveway in a decade, eliciting shady comments from your neighbors?

Give us the deets on that heap and we’ll send you the most amazing offer you’ve ever seen! You don’t even have to throw away all the pizza boxes in the back seat. Ah-mazing, am I right?

Say It With Me, Burbank Car Sellers—You Can Sell:

  • Newer, nice, undamaged cars
  • Well-loved cars that have some damage (rubbin’s racin’)
  • Cars that require a prayer to the heavens before starting them every day
  • Cars that don’t run
  • That “gem” of a car your uncle gave so you could fix it together and bond, but then he forgot and went to a Dodgers game with his girlfriend, so you’re stuck with it up on blocks in your driveway six years later, soaking up your tears with the torn headliner. I mean…that’s just an example. Not a personal story.

Cash for Cars buys every car for cash—new, old, or ancient—like a shiny new apple, ripe for the picking. We want to give you cash for your car. We even take cars, trucks, and vans and provide free towing in Burbank. 

We’re not fussy about what it looks like inside, outside, or under the hood. We will arrange a convenient pick-up location, even if your car is destined for scrap at the junk yard in Burbank. Our removal team will arrange to whisk your little baby off without additional fees or charges. Pick-up and towing are always on us.

How Can I Sell My Car To Your Company In Burbank, CA?

Cash for Cars has streamlined the process for selling your car in Burbank without any guesswork. We’ve made things as stress-free as possible with minimal paperwork for you to fill out. So, if you're wondering "how can I sell my car online" Cash for Cars is the solution.

When we arrange pick-ups with our seriously amped-to-be-at-work car buyers, they are at the convenience of you, the seller, and completely painless. Our buyers show up to work every day, totally focused on providing an incredible experience for our customers. Get ready to bask in the sunshine of our smiles.

Here’s How You Can Get Paid Cash For Junk Cars In Burbank

1. Fill out our online form or call us with all of your car’s information.

2. Review the offer we send your way. The quote we send will never change or contain any last-minute or hidden fees. The offer is the offer is the offer. We stand by it!

3. Accept our mind-blowing quote for your car.

4. Meet up with us to finish some simple paperwork, hand over that ride, and get your cash. The whole process can be often completed same-day.

So, as we said above, to set things in motion, just give us a call or fill out our online form with all the details about your wheels. The more you tell us, the better we can make your offer. We give great scrap car prices on cars too. So, if you're car would be deemed as a parts car feel free to use our scrap car value calculator.

Our Burbank buyers then look over the specs you’ve provided and send you competitive quote, no matter what condition your car is in. Remember, we buy them all—nice, damaged, windowless, whatever!

The next part is the best: you review the offer we send your way that same day and decide whether to accept it (you’ll want to take it because it will be—say it with me—amazing).

You’re all set! Our Burbank office will get in touch with you to arrange a time and location to meet up so your Cash for Cars buyer can finish up a tiny bit of simple paperwork and you’ll get paid then and there. You’re free to roll around in that sweet, sweet lettuce we just delivered straight to you. Just keep your clothes on if we’re still there.

Contact Us Today To Get Cash For Cars In Burbank, California

Cash for Cars in Burbank is here to make the process of selling your car easy and 100% transparent from start to finish. You’ll receive an offer for your car the same day you enter your information.

The quote we send you will be competitive and remain the same throughout. There are no hidden fees, towing, or removal charges, regardless of the condition of your vehicle.

First-rate customer service in Burbank is our top priority, and our buyers be available to you every step of the way to ensure you’re taken care of and satisfied during the entire experience with Cash for Cars. So, we’re ready to make you an offer! Are you ready? Call the cash for cars phone number today for an instant offer in Burbank, California.

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1974 Volvo 245 91505 01-23-2023 $848
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