Should I Sell My Car To Carvana. The good, the bad, and some alternatives.

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Should I Sell My Car To Carvana?

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If you haven’t had a reason to sell your car before, you should have heard from others who have on how selling a car is so ‘not fun’.

For those who have done it a few times, they’ll tell you how they always need to put the extra efforts into evading scammers or charlatans.

So, a better way to safely and conveniently sell your used car will be to a reputable car-buying company. There are many around these days, each promising or claiming to have the most convenient process you’ll ever find.

If you’ve been asking the question, “Should I sell my car to Carvana?” Then you’re in the right place.

We’ll answer your question and also let you in on an alternative to Carvana.

Let’s get right into it.

Selling Your Car to Carvana: The Good.

Unlike taking your car to CarMax to have it evaluated or appraised, Carvana gives you the convenience of having your car appraised online. This means you won’t need to leave the comfort of your home or office just to go have your car evaluated.

Their process just involves you having to answer certain questions based on your car’s condition and everything else they feel it’s important for them to know.

You’ll need to be honest of course and let them know if there are any flaws or problems with your car.

Besides, even if you attest that your car is in good condition, they won’t just take your word for it. They’d use your VIN and other ‘modern algorithms’ that they make use of to pull loads of data and information from verified wholesale and retail databases.

Simply put…they’ll carry out a lot of market research and background check on the car you’re looking to sell to them. 

Once you’ve done your part by providing the needed information, they either email an appraisal estimate to you or give it to you on the spot.

With the quote received, you can choose to make use of it as a trade-in value to buy another car from them or collect it as a cash offer.

One good thing about their online appraisal is that it allows you to compare what they’re offering you with other car-buying websites to see which is the best deal for your used car.

Another good thing is if you decide to do a trade-in and you still owe on your old car, they will still take in the car.

How Selling A Car To Carvana Works

  • They send you a link for you to schedule a pick-up with them.
  • On arrival, they’ll inspect your car against the information you provided.
  • They’ll take the car for a test-drive before loading it onto their truck.
  • You’ll be required to sign some documents and receive a bill of sale. If you owe on your car, they’ll give you a pre-printed check for the difference between their cash offer and your car loan.<

Selling Your Car to Carvana: The Bad.

Just like CarMax, you’ll need to accept the offer estimate given to you within 7 days. After this, the value might change.

Carvana works like a dealership. What this means is that it owns its inventory. There are no dedicated stores just ‘automated machines’ where you can pick up another car from just in case you traded your car in for another.

Although they’ll come to pick up your car after you’ve accepted their offer, if your car isn’t located within 100 miles of any of its centers then you’re left to cover the costs of having it transported to their nearest hub.

Here are a few other disadvantages of selling your car to Carvana:

Lowball Offers:

You won’t get as much as when you’re selling your car to a private buyer. Don’t forget that you’re not selling on their platform but selling to them. So, they’ll put up your car for sale on their platforms and of course, they’ll be looking to make a profit off it too. If your car is of a newer model or doesn’t have a lot of mileage then you should get a good offer from them. But if your car is old or an older model then you shouldn’t expect so much from them. The quote will even go lower if you’ve got a problem with your car.

Little Hitch in Their Website.

When it comes to submitting the documents required of you on to the platform [all their transactions are done online], you might experience a hitch that goes with having to upload your documents over and over again since you won’t know if the documents went through or not. Most times, it might take you the extra mile to contact the customer support to know if they got all the required documents. Then it would take another 72 business hours (3 business days) for them to get back to you.

Cash for Cars: Why It’s the Best Choice.

Yes, we promised to give you another alternative to Carvana when it comes to selling your car and we’ll keep that promise. Cash for Cars is a great choice when it comes to selling your used car. We don’t expect you to just take our word for it but here are the reasons why you’ll need to give us a try today…

We’re Not Selective.

Unlike other car-buying companies, we’re not choosy or picky when it comes to cars. So, if your car seems to be falling apart, doesn’t run anymore or has one mechanical issue or the other, you don’t need to sweat it. At Cash for Cars, all cars are loved and accepted the way they are. You won’t need to bother about brushing it up or doing anything extra. Once you’re ready to give it up, we’ll find a home for it and offer you a competitive price for it. We pay cash for junk cars, totaled cars, and scrap cars.

We Make Things Fast, Convenient and Easy.

Nobody likes complicated processes and we’re not left out. That’s why we’ve made our car-buying process to be as easy and as fast as it can get. Plus, we keep improving our processes to accommodate and meet all your needs. With our instant quote offers, little paperwork, flexible free pick-ups, and junk car removal. You won’t need to break a sweat just because you want to make the most off your car. Yes, we make it that easy. Selling your car won’t take more than an hour and we’ll be on our way to you. You won’t even need to get off your bed or couch. Your convenience and time matter to us.

Excellent Customer Experience.

All of us at Cash for Cars wake up feeling happy and great about work [no jokes]. You’ll see this in how enthusiast our experts can be when it comes to making use of their impressive knowledge and how welcoming and polite, they’re in dealing with customers like you. They’re always willing to give their full support and make your experience a memorable one. Yeah, we care that much. Why not make your car-selling experience an awesome one today?

After-Sales Support.

We won’t close our doors to you after a concluded business. We’ll always be available for all your inquiries, concerns or questions on the other side of the line. Our top-notch customer service team has been trained for that. You can see it as a first-time customer - long term relationship thing and you won’t be wrong.

No Hidden Costs.

This is everyone’s nightmare. There’s nothing more terrible than getting hit by nasty charges or hidden fees. We like to think we’re honest folks and also leave that impression on the minds of our customers. Hence, we won’t hit you with hidden charges, small prints or strange stories.

Instant Payment.

Once our experts and you are 100% happy, we’ll leave with your car and pay you with the agreed offer. Our offer won’t suddenly change, that’s why we always ask you to provide the information needed concerning your car via our online form to help us give you a fair offer or you can simply give us a call. Don’t worry, we’re great at math so, you’ll be getting a competitive quote for your car.

Not sure if you’re ready to sell your car but still want to know how much it’s worth, you’re welcome to use our online car value calculator at any time. It’s fast and free.

You’re also not under any pressure to accept it. At Cash for Cars, our customers are truly KING.

Ready to sell your car? Be our guest!

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